Thinking About a Visit?
We can't wait to meet you!
  • What is it like?
    • We like to think that no Sunday is “typical” at WUMC, but you can expect our Sunday Worhsip Service to last about 60 minutes. We start our service with church and community announcements, the congregation is encouraged to add any missed or late announcements or concerns. We follow with worship songs and hymnals, a message and sermon from our pastor, tithes and offerings, and more worship music. We often sing as a congregation and observe special services for holidays and seasons. Most of all, We have fun and are always joyed to meet new faces with a smile and a handshake.

  • What about my kids?
    • You will see are children activily engage in most Sunday services,  as greeters at the front door, acolytes, scripture readers, or helping with our technology. We want to foster the love of the church and give the children some ownership in their church and a large part in their church family.

    • We have a nursey available if needed.

  • Where do I park?
    • We have parking along the front perimeter of the church as well as behind the church. Rear parking can be accessed by turning on Murray Street or Garvin Drive on either side of the church. upon parking, make your way to the Main entrance (facing Columbia Rd/ Hwy 302) and you will be greeted by one of our volunteer patrons with a church service bulletin.

  • What do I wear?
    • We are more concerned that you are presented with the joy of Christ’s teachings than with what you wear. When you visit WUMC you will see suits, dresses, jeans and shorts. We want you to be present and comfortable. 

  • How can I get connected?
    • Sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, sent us an email or give us a call. We would love to talk to you!